EXHIBITIONS – Please limit your exhibition to a 60 second time limit. Any rider who exceeds the 60 second time limit will be charged another exhibition fee. This fine must be paid before the rider will be allowed to compete in any KS-01 event.

RANDOM DRAW – We will be following the national rule regarding a random draw. We will no longer allow you to select what order you run your horse. The draw shall be done in a random manner. (Computer, shuffling cards, etc.) Entries will close when the first horse in that class runs. After entries close, there will be absolutely NO DRAW OUTS and NO REFUNDS no matter the circumstance! There will be no penalty for drawing out of the race so long as you draw out before the start of the race.

ENTRIES – If you write a bad check to NBHA KS-01 you will be charged a $30 fee. You will also be asked to pay with cash only from then on.

POINTS – For points only the time brackets will be set by the fastest time ran by the member of the sanctioning district. The fastest time in the class would be the time bracket for payback. The fastest time set by member of your district will set bracket for points.

PEE WEEThis is not an NBHA sanctioned class. Class is offered to independent riders and lead line riders. If assistance is needed, only lead line is permitted. No leading with another horse or riding along with child. Riders do not have to be members of NBHA. Points will be awarded to each place and will accumulate in both unassisted and assisted divisions. 

Note to parents: This class was designed to help children become better and faster barrel racers. Once your child is fast enough to place in the 3D of the Youth class, your child must move into the NBHA Youth class regardless of your child’s age. 

Any rider entering the Open or Youth class is ineligible to compete in the pee wee race.

YEAR END AWARDS – To be eligible for year-end awards, a member must be a current member.
Member must participate in 8 KS01 shows either fundraisers or point shows. A buy-in of no more than 1 show will be allowed for those not being able to make the 8 shows and while no other shows are available. (ex. A member needs 2 more shows but there is only 1 left. They may buy that last show to qualify for their 8 for awards.) Year End Awards will be distributed based on amount of money in awards fund. Open Awards will be given in 5 Divisions. Youth and Senior Awards will be given in 3 Divisions. Futurity and Derby Awards will be given in 3 Divisions.

TIE BREAKER – In the event two members tie for a year end award, the tie will be broken as follows until the tie is broken with the winner of the tie breaker receiving the higher placing.

First Tie Breaker: individual who competed at the most KS-01 jackpots
Second Tie Breaker: person who has the higher placings will win the tie, i.e. member with the most firsts, seconds, etc.


Kansas NBHA 3-Show Rule

The National Office has given the State Director the authority to liberalize this requirement.  It has been voted and approved by the District Directors of Kansas to continue with this requirement as follows:
(1)  All current members will be required to compete at three (3) shows within their competition district from the previous state show(2015) to the entry deadline for the current year’s state show.  For 2021, this would be from Sept.  20, 2020, through *September 7, 2021.  (*Approximate date until entry deadline has not been specified).

(2) OO Members must compete at NBHA sanctioned shows for the shows to count towards the 3-show rule.  Other district fundraiser shows, not sanctioned, will not count towards the 3-show rule for 00 members—only for actual members of that district hosting the show.

Refer to website: for all State show information.

Refer to website: for National NBHA website.


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