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State Finals

Just a reminder to everyone that KS01 will have a vendor table to use for a silent auction. Once again Theme Baskets will be donated and this year the basket that brings the most money in for KS01 will be given one free open entry for the 2016 finals. If more than 1 person goes together to make this basket those individuals will have to draw straws to see who wins the open entry. Hope you have been planning your basket.

September 4

Just a quick reminder that the 2015 NBHA State Championship entry form are online and are due September 11. Some changes have been made this year. Senior short-go is added and a Derby race. Entry fee for Futurity has been lowered to $65.00. Derby fee is $65.00. Entry form is on Kansas NBHA website ksnbha.

2014 graduating seniors who are attending college don’t forget to send your NBHA Scholarship Application to me so I can submit it. Kansas NBHA is giving away a $500.00 Scholarship to be used your 2nd semester. My address is 18170 Hollingsworth Road, Tonganoxie, KS 66086.

KS01 also has a balance of $600.00 at Valley Vet to use for awards. Thank you to everyone who orders from Valley Vet.

KS01 has managed to have 3 outside shows so keep your fingers crossed that we can have our next show on September 12 at Leavenworth County Fairgrounds in Tonganoxie. Warmups at 6:00 pm. Hope to see everyone there.



Scheduled a jackpot for next Wednesday, July 22, at the Wyandotte County Arena. This will be during the Wyandotte County Fair. Jackpot will start at 6:00 pm with warm-ups, followed by Pee Wees, Youth and Open. Senior Side Pot offered. $200.00 added to the open. Arena has center gate, plenty of parking and large pattern. Check out event page for more details. Hope everyone can attend. Should be a fun night at the Wyandotte County Fair!!!


July 8

Well oh mother nature has not been very cooperative the last couple of months.  I sure hope the rain quits soon so we can have some shows. I have scheduled more dates so check out the new events.

A big GOOD LUCK goes out to Hannah Allcorn who will be representing KS01 at the Youth Nationals in Perry, Georgia. Safe travels to Hannah and her Dad.

For some of you that have not heard, Dawn Dawson has stepped down as State Director and the National Barrel Horse Association appointed me to take Dawn’s shoes and believe me those are really big shoes to fill. State Finals are about 3 months away and lots of work to do. If any of you would like to help just give me a call.

I will also continue as District Director for KS01. My plate is really full right now! I am going in several different directions at the same time but I’m sure it will all turn out fine.


May 20

Great show Sunday, 5/17, at Lawrence. There were 102 entries and an additional $200 added to Open class in addition to the $100 as advertised. (100% payback on the $300.00) Thank you to everyone who jumped in and helped set up barrels, worked the gate, announced and helped with the entries. Everyone’s help makes the show run smoothly. New memberships are still coming in. Starting the warm-ups at 10:00 seems to help make the show run smoothly. Our next show is June 7 at Lowe’s Arena to begin warm-ups at 11:00.
Remember that KS01 has an account with Valley Vet. When ordering from Valley Vet tell them that you are a NBHA KS01 member. KS01 will get 10% of your order amount added to an awards account that will be used to purchase awards from. Reference account # 4110040. Wormers don’t count but everything else will, including pet supplies. You need to make the order over the phone or if you make the order on-line put the account #4110040 in the comment space. KS01 has a total of $400 already for 2015 and still growing. Thank you to everyone who orders from Valley Vet.

May 14

The July 25 show scheduled at Lyndon Saddle Club is being moved to August 15 with warm-ups to begin at 6:00 pm. KS01 will be represented at the NBHA Youth Nationals this year. Several of our youth will be hitting the road for Perry, Georgia. Good Luck to all of you!! I will let everyone know who is attending as soon as I get the complete list.

May 5

I took the May 24 show off the schedule. I had my weekends mixed up. Sorry for the confusion.

Our next show is May 17 at Lawrence. Warm-ups to start at 10:00 am. BBR approved.

March 26, 2015

Spring is getting close! Thank goodness. March brought nice weather and 2 really good shows. Everyone was ready to come out and have some fun. Glad to see everyone again. A total of 233 entries toward our RFB Series. With the new breakdown RFB has this year there is 3 qualifiers in each division so far. One qualifier for every 75 entries. Our show on April 19 will be last of the spring series. We should be able to qualify 4 in each division. So plan on attending that show.

Awards banquet was well attended with lots of smiles. The food was wonderful and everyone went home full. Short meeting was held announcing two new sponsors, HERITAGE BRAND and SHEA MICHELLE BUCKLE DESIGNS. Heritage Brand sponsored the tack sets for the Open divisions and Shea Michelle Buckle Designs sponsored all the buckles presented. We thank them for their sponsorship.

Also brought to everyone’s attention was each time a member orders from VALLEY VET 10% of your order amount will be added to an awards account that can be used to purchase awards. Reference account #4110040. Wormers don’t count but everything else will, including pet supplies. You need to make the order over the phone.

For all you new members KS01 welcomes you. If you have any questions, please ask. I don’t know all the names for the new faces but I will.

Tell next time get some riding time in!!!

The show scheduled for February 22 at Lawrence is cancelled.

2014 Awards Banquet

2014 Awards Banquet is scheduled for March 1, Leavenworth County 4-H Building, Leavenworth County Fairgrounds, Tonganoxie at 1:00 pm.
District will provide:
Meat, paper products (plates, utensils, napkins and cups) and drinks (soft drinks, bottled water and coffee).
Members are asked to bring a covered dish.
All members are invited as well as family and friends.
Dinner will be first followed by awards.
RSVP by or before February 22 and the number in your group so we can plan accordingly for food and serving products.