KS01 Shows in 2018

Show breakdown as of January 1, 2018    
  • Every show put on by KS01 will count toward KS01 District Year End Awards…these shows will be labelled KS01
  • Approximately 10 shows will be sanctioned NBHA to count toward NBHA World and Youth World show qualifications…these shows will be labelled NBHA
  • Most shows will be sanctioned BBR and/or UBRA….labelled BBR or UBRA  
  • Every show will have KS01 points to 10 placings for KS01 members year end award placings
  • Points awarded to 1 horse per rider per Division for 10 places  10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1
  • Points based on fastest KS01 runner per show
  • Payout based on fastest time per class per show
  • Every Show OPEN will be a 5D with half second splits
  • Senior and Youth will remain 3D whole second splits
Feel free to reach out to Leslie Howell or Ashley Banister with any questions.  Good luck in 2018!!