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NBHA KS01 Youth Qualifiers:

Youth 1D: Sydney Cutting (teen), Jordan Vickery (teen), Breck Nielsen (youth), Lindy Minor (teen)
Youth 2D: Bailey McClure (teen), Lindy Minor (teen), Kassidi Hofman (teen), Breck Nielsen (youth), Sage Saving (youth)
Youth 3D: Bailey McClure (teen), Megan L Spreer (teen), Delaney Wright (teen), Ava Mills (teen), Breck Nielsen (youth), Kaylea Weber (teen)
Youth 4D: Sage Saving (youth), Megan L Spreer (teen)
Youth 5D: Kaitlyn Megee (teen), Kaylea Weber (teen), Sage Saving (youth), Ellie Blindt, Marina Kaufman (teen), Lakyn Roehrich (teen), Vivy Saylors (youth), Baileigh Wilks (teen), Ciara Ivins (teen), Emersyn McCrary (youth)

!!2017 Year End Awards Banquet/Presentation!!

Sunday February 18 starting @ 9:00am-10:30 in Lawrence…before our show…new concept.

This will give winners a chance to do pics with their horses in the arena.

KS01 will provide BBQ for lunch during the show…feel free to bring a side dish to share.

Our show begins with open arena 10:30.  Exhibitions begin 10:45.  No poles this day.


!! KS01 HORSE OF THE YEAR 2017 !!

NOTICE:  Voting will open just after the holidays.

KS01 Members will be voting on the horse in our district that stands out as an exemplary equine.  Award winner will be announced at the awards banquet…to be scheduled in February 2018.

Inspired by Sister & Sister at the NFR!     Feel free to reach out to Leslie Howell or Ashley Banister with questions.  Thank you!


KS01 Shows in 2018

Show breakdown as of January 1, 2018    
  • Every show put on by KS01 will count toward KS01 District Year End Awards…these shows will be labelled KS01
  • Approximately 10 shows will be sanctioned NBHA to count toward NBHA World and Youth World show qualifications…these shows will be labelled NBHA
  • Most shows will be sanctioned BBR and/or UBRA….labelled BBR or UBRA  
  • Every show will have KS01 points to 10 placings for KS01 members year end award placings
  • Points awarded to 1 horse per rider per Division for 10 places  10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1
  • Points based on fastest KS01 runner per show
  • Payout based on fastest time per class per show
  • Every Show OPEN will be a 5D with half second splits
  • Senior and Youth will remain 3D whole second splits
Feel free to reach out to Leslie Howell or Ashley Banister with any questions.  Good luck in 2018!!

NBHA News…from the National Office:

  1. Taking 10 qualifiers per district for all classes for 2017 show
  2. Born 2003 and before considered Teen.  Born 2004 and after considered Youth.
  3. For 2018 we can hold 2 shows same date same arena and roll times from first show to second and to youth and senior.

This concludes the update….have a great day!   Leslie

2017 is coming to an End…Plan for 2018

MEMBERS:  2017 is nearing the close…just 3 shows left!  Ashley and I have done our best to start working together this summer to help finish out 2017 for our membership.  We really appreciate the input and support received thus far!  This is a group of talented, successful and passionate individuals we have been honored to be a part of.

2018 is fast approaching!! If you have input that will benefit the membership planning for the future year please reach out to Leslie Howell or Ashley Banister.  We are compiling ideas/plans and plan to share for consensus in the near future.   XOXOXO