August 4 Updates

We are officially halfway through our 18 points races for the 2021 season, and we’ve been able to hold 7 of them in outdoor arenas.  So far in 2021, we have held points races at 7 different arenas and it’s been a lot of fun to see how horses & riders adapt to different setups every weekend.

Our Cans N Tans outdoor buckle series is halfway done as well, with the remaining races set for Saturday, Aug. 7 at Wyandotte County, Saturday, Aug. 14 at R Bar B, Sunday, Aug. 15 at Wyandotte County, and Saturday, Aug. 28 at Crossroads Cowboy Church.

Cans N Tans awards have all been ordered and I’m excited to hand out Sheridan buckles, Barrels N Beads halters, backpacks, tack totes, lawn chairs, hay bags, buckets, brushes, and homemade horse treats! The buckles & halters have come in and they look amazing!

Year-end points are updated on the Google Sheet, and the Cans N Tans buckle series points are also updated on their Google Sheet. Some of the buckle series races are very close, and it’s going to be fun watching horses & riders battle it out at the last four races.

Our next NBHA points races are:
Aug. 21 – Lawrence
Aug. 22 – Lawrence
Aug. 28 – Crossroads in conjunction with Cans N Tans finale
Aug. 29 – Lawrence – This is also the 2nd annual Mitzi Pearce Memorial Race with $1000 added money and Memorial breast collars to the Open 5D division winners. 
Sept. 12 – Lawrence
Sept. 18 – Lawrence
Oct. 2 – Lawrence

Many of you already know, but we tried out a new arena on July 25, LQ Farms south of Overbrook, and feedback was so positive that I’ve scheduled two fall fundraiser races there – Sunday, Oct. 3 and Sunday, Oct. 10. Those are also backups for the Cans N Tans series in case any of our four remaining races get rained out. I think many of us are looking forward to going back there this fall and next summer. Their parking area has the most shade of any arena in our district, so I’m planning to try and book it quite a bit during the summer.

Please feel free to offer any feedback on arenas and suggestions on how to improve our races. This has definitely been a learning year but hopefully I haven’t done too terrible a job!